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Paola starts her journey practicing artistic gymnastic at the age of 6. After years of agonistic activity, she decides to try new activities approaching the world of dance, learning jazz, funky, freestyle and hip hop.

In 2006 she discovers the beauty of Raqs Sharqi with her teacher Anahita Tcheraghali.

After a couple of years she starts studying Fusion Bellydance, a modern style of belly dance created in the USA fusing traditional dances (Raqs Sharqi, Indian Dance, Kathak, Flamenco) and contemporary styles from around the world (FCBD®, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Popping).

The serpentine movements of this mesmerizing style need flexibility, muscular lengthening, and alignment of the spine that can be achieved through the practice of Yoga and Pilates.

Her passion for travelling and the will to deepen her knowledge in this style gave her the possibility to learn from the most important internally renowned masters: Moria Chappell (Fusion), Violet Scrap (Fusion), Mardi Love (Fusion), Ashley Lopez (Fusion) e Rachel Brice (Fusion Datura Style™).

After approaching Rachel Brice’s 8Elements Program, in 2016 Paola becomes the first Certificated Datura Style™ Teacher in Italy

In order to expand her knowledge in biomechanics and develop a healthy practice for her students, she becomes Certified Pilates Teacher in Matwork, Props, Apparatus, Yoga-Pilates (Postural Pilates Method)

Today Paola is Pilates Teacher and Teacher Trainer for  Health Pilates® and she is founder of Purpleballerina No Profit Association

Education and Training